How and Why to Write a Computer Book (Part 1)

I’ve been writing professionally about Web development and computer programming for 15 years now. I’ve written hundreds of articles, five published books, two online courses, plenty of chapters in other people’s books, and two unpublished books. I’m no where near as prolific as some author friends of mine, but I’m constantly trying and improving. The

Online Learning Through the Instructor’s Eyes

I’ve been teaching an online course for several months now. For a year prior to that, I was writing the course and working with the team at Ed2Go to make it sparkle. My course gets an average of about 150 students each month. Since I get asked about it pretty often, and since I feel like I’m starting to

Web Trends for 2013

Here at Minnick, we’re looking forward to a great 2013. If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve spent the last 3 years cutting back and doing more with less. Your web site is probably the same or in worse shape than it was in 2009, and it likely hasn’t had a complete redesign in

The Future of HTML5

As I settle into my role as an Internet elder, I’m increasingly asked to be a judge or expert for various events, competitions, awards and whatnot. I love being involved with these events, and I especially value the opportunities I get to make grand pronouncements and voice my opinions. Occasionally, my advice helps someone out,

Creating a Great Mobile App, Part 1

According to a recent survey by SD Times, 57.1% of companies surveyed said that they are currently building a mobile app. An additional 13.2% said that they will be developing one within the next six months. Clearly, mobile apps have reached a tipping point where if you’re not already on mobile devices or planning your

Creating a Great Mobile App, Part 2

Mobile Apps – Functionality First! In my previous newsletter, I said that there are four keys to building a great mobile app: Functionality Design and Usability Performance Knowing your market In this newsletter, I’m going to focus on functionality. Unlike desktop web sites and applications, which often value completeness above all else (think Microsoft Word