Can You Fail Your Way To Success?

Some years ago, the idea that “failure is your friend” gained some traction after someone very much like me who had failed in the tech industry numerous times made it a popular mantra. A conference called “FailCon” was started and was a popular as a place for people who were actually quite successful to get together

Take the Slow Boat to Success

Our society values instant success almost to the exclusion of everything else. Most of the stories of success that we hear and that so many people aspire to involve people being “discovered” or otherwise becoming super-rich (and maybe famous) overnight. But, these things almost never happen, and so millions of people who never achieve instant and phenomenal

Is Speed Reading Real?

A recent NY Times article cited numerous studies that have found speed reading to be nothing more than skimming. According to the article, it is improbable to increase your reading above 500-600 words per minute without decreasing comprehension of the material. At WatzThis?, we’re particularly interested in technologies and techniques of increasing the rate of learning.

Avoid the Comfort Zone


We’re hard-wired to feel fear or even panic when confronted with difficult or threatening situations. These are the remnants of evolution, and it’s only in the last couple of hundred of years that these reactions have become frequently irrelevant and sometimes even dangerous. If your computer crashes or your car won’t start, getting mad does not help

How to Be a Professional Writer


The best advice for anyone who’s aspiring to be a writer is this: “Stop aspiring and start writing.” –Alan W. Watts The second best advice is this: “Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” –Lisa See But, let’s say you’ve got these two prerequisites figured out. What then? Writing can

Choose Your Own Coding Adventure

Since we’ve started writing books for kids, we’ve seen and heard from hundreds of our readers that they “love” our books, or that they’re having “fun” with our books. These aren’t words that you typically hear adults say about computer programming how-to books. But, why not? It may have something to do with the style

What Coding Has Taught Us.

ball of code

To many people who have never done it, computer programming, aka “coding”, seems like a magical and impossible task. Any time we release a new book, video, or class about programming, we hear the all too familiar groans: “I could never do that.” “I have no idea what that is.” “I can’t even figure out

Take action towards your next success!

baby on a rocket

Garry Shandling, the comedian who died recently, got his first big break in 1981 as a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After this appearance, he told his agent that appearing on The Tonight Show was great, but he had always wanted to guest host it. His agent told him to forget about

Are we on the brink of intelligent machines?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has its roots in ancient myth and the study of logic and formal reasoning. In the 20th century, AI first became plausible, and scientists as well as science fiction writers began to explore the possibility that machines could one day think as we do. In 1950, Alan Turing wrote a paper in which he

Education is the Safeguard of Democracy

Prague Library

For the wellbeing of our planet, our country, ourselves and all people, education must do more than just prepare people to have jobs. In places where citizens have the right and responsibility to vote, it’s imperative that they understand what they’re voting for or against. Democracy requires that we have an understanding that is more than just