The Rise and Fall of Yellow Marketing

William Randolph Hearst

In the early 20th century, when William Randolph Hearst was building his media empire, access to information about the world was controlled by a relatively small number of media outlets. Hearst’s newspapers were able to influence public opinion and world events. He sold a lot of papers through a brand of journalism that came to be known as

Giant Little Mistakes

stepping on a banana peel

Shortly before ending his campaign for the Republican nomination for President, Jeb Bush’s staff made the biggest mistake you can make as a web publisher. They forgot to renew one of the campaign’s internet domain names, To make matters worse, the domain was promptly grabbed by the rival Donald Trump campaign. As a result of the

Do We Need IoT?

toaster and toast

Ever since the beginning of the Internet, people have been connecting ordinary household objects to it. In the early days of the Web, webcams were extremely popular. The first webcam was the Trojan Room coffee pot, which was pointed at a coffee pot in the computer lab at the University of Cambridge and went live on the

Computer Science is a Liberal Art

There is a tendency today for people who aren’t programmers or IT professionals to joke about their lack of computer skills. It is not uncommon to hear an otherwise brilliant person remark something about not being able to figure out their iPhone – this apparently has replaced “programming a VCR” as the pinnacle of technological savvy. The title

Is this normal?

Our society tends to see artists or writers and people who love what they do as “different”. We often label these people as insane or wild exceptions to the “rule” (partly based on whether or not they’re successful). If you tell a friend or co-worker that you really enjoy your job of balancing the books,

What is “The Cloud”?

You hear a lot about cloud computing and things being ‘in the cloud’ these days. It’s become a magical term to describe just about everything having to do with computing. But, what do marketers and computer people mean when they talk about this ‘cloud’? The short answer is that the cloud is simply someone else’s

Paul Graham, Income Inequality, and the Silicon Valley Myth

Paul Graham, famous venture capitalist and founder of Y Combinator, just wrote an essay defending income inequality. In fact, he not only defends income inequality, he espouses the “great benefits” it holds and the power it puts into the hands of the “people”.  What people? Wealthy people. Like him! There have been a lot of

Are You Socially Credit-Worthy?

credit score

In China, a new social credit system, sponsored by the government, has been implemented called Sesame Credit, which is part of the giant Chinese eCommerce company, Alibaba (which is still part of Yahoo!). Here’s how it works: Users of the system are given a score (similar to a credit rating) that’s based on their purchases, what they

The WatzThis? Plan


Here at WatzThis?, we don’t work particularly hard. Instead, we tend to put great concentrated effort toward one or two important things, and we spend A LOT of time planning. Our headquarters currently has 2 whiteboards, one large paper flip chart, and a wall covered with index cards. We have a quarterly “retreat” where we review

Adapting to Your Changing Climate

As the political and business leaders meet in Paris to discuss global climate change, the topic of a changing climate has never been more important and relevant. It’s a fact of life that everything is always changing. When the conditions under which changes take place – namely, the climate — changes, the results can be quite dramatic;