Rearrange the Patterns and Learn!

When learning something new, the first step we all go through is to figure out how this new thing relates to something we already know. For example, if you’re learning a new language as an adult, you learn the parts of speech and words in relation to a language you already know. If you’re learning

Believing in Yourself is the First Step

There’s a fantastic podcast interview with Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert cartoon) on Tim Ferriss’s blog from a few weeks ago. If you only listen to one podcast this year, and you only listen to the first hour of that one podcast (this one is really long), make it this one. Scott Adams tells the story of how

Free videos, online classes, and books!

One of our VIP readers emailed us with this question: “Is there something quick and easy that you offer? I would like to dip my toes in and spend 10 or 15 minutes once a week learning something new. Maybe offering your audience some easy on-ramps would be a good thing.” We totally agree! In today’s

Who benefits from marketing?

WatzThis?, you like it.

The line between marketing and entertainment is more blurry than ever. We see it on social media all the time; a headline will read “We have something amazing to show you!”; and that something has been compiled, packaged, tested to totally maximize the number of people who will see it, and therefore the number of

When to take your foot off the gas

In his (now classic) book, The Lean Startup, Eric Reis defines a pivot as a course correction in order to test a new fundamental hypothesis. For example, let’s say that you launch a taco customization and delivery service and once you’re up and running, you discover that very few people are willing to pay for taco

All Aboard the Learning Train!

How often and easy is it to keep looking down at our feet as we plod along our path, when there is a whole world of possibility and new ideas all around us? There is no way we can learn or experience even a small fraction of the possible knowledge and experiences that are available

Zipf’s Law and SEO

Zipf’s law says that, given any corpus of text, the second most used word will be used half as many times as the first most used. The third most-used word will be used one-third as many times. The fourth most-used word will be used one fourth as many times, and so on. For example, this

5 Tips for Becoming an Expert at Anything

I Know JavaScript

With a combined total of 8 books and three online courses between us, we’re seen as authorities in computer programming and web development. Being a published author has a way of instantly making someone an expert in the eyes of the world. In truth, we know plenty of people who are better programmers than us. We wouldn’t even

Keep On Changing

Near Mendocino, CA, there’s a forest of pygmy trees. Here, the soil conditions are so bad that 100-year-old redwood trees, which can grow to over 300 feet tall, stand at just 6 to 8 feet. As the description on says: the trees “are able to survive here, but they surely do not prosper.” Likewise, a business operating

Why Do We Teach SEO?

As content creators, we’re keenly interested in people being able to find and read our content, which is why we just finished revising our online course, Achieving Top Search Engine Positions! In this week’s email, we’ll tell you the key to long-lasting SEO success, and why we believe that it’s worth it for everyone with a website to take