How often and easy is it to keep looking down at our feet as we plod along our path, when there is a whole world of possibility and new ideas all around us? There is no way we can learn or experience even a small fraction of the possible knowledge and experiences that are available to us as people living on this planet at this time.

But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

If you’ve ever lived near the train tracks or the freeway, you remember how quickly the noise from those things faded into the regular landscape of your life. And then you’ll have a visitor, who comments or is surprised by the noise; the noise that you no longer notice.

We at WatzThis? are your visitor; here to remind you about the noise. Listen to the trains; countless folk songs, blues songs, Johnny Cash songs, and beat poems have been written about them and what they represent: opportunities, freedom, travel, adventure, and change.

The educational opportunities available to you in this day and age are the train.

Say you read 200 Wikipedia articles a day for 80 years, and there were no more Wikipedia articles written during those years; you’ll have read them all. Does this knowing cause you to throw up your hands and take no action because the task is too giant? Do you hang your head and cry when you hear that train a-comin? Or, can you take steps forward towards your dreams, knowing that there’s no way you’ll ever truly be fully-educated or your dreams fully satiated?

Any amount of education makes you more aware of possibilities. Any adventure or travel, no matter how mundane or short, makes you more worldly. Any new food you try or different thing you order at a restaurant gets you one step closer to having lived an interesting life. Reading books is still the best virtual reality experience we have. And, the Internet is far more than a network for sharing funny pictures. It’s the Library of Alexandria, the Library of Congress, the Rosetta Stone, the complete archives of Maximum Rock n Roll, the Louvre, and every strange museum that’s ever existed — all made available to you for free or nearly free. And yet, we keep our heads down, navigating back to Facebook multiple times per day (or per hour).

Look up! Notice the train. If that railroad train was yours, we bet you’d move it on a little farther down the line.

To knowledge and power! We wish you the best.

All Aboard the Learning Train!
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