As the political and business leaders meet in Paris to discuss global climate change, the topic of a changing climate has never been more important and relevant.

It’s a fact of life that everything is always changing. When the conditions under which changes take place – namely, the climate — changes, the results can be quite dramatic; for better or for worse. For some, changes in the climate of the earth will mean that previously un-arable land will be able to sustain agriculture. Places with horrible weather and no rain may find that their weather becomes more pleasant. Globally, however, the changing climate will be devastating to life on Earth.

Regardless of whether the conference in Paris results in a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gasses, a main focus of political and scientific leaders with regard to climate change is to figure out how to adapt to the changes and make the results less disastrous.

Personally, each of us is also dealing with a changing climate. Some of these changes come from the outside and are beyond our control: we’re all getting older, the actions of others and natural events affect us; winter comes.

Other changes can be shaped and controlled by us. For example, the nature of our business may change and we can learn new skills. Or we take actions such as exercising or eating right to help us stay happy and healthy.

There is no denying that our personal environment is changing, and always has been. If we’ve got a good thing going right now, we naturally resist changing it, or we make the minimal adaptations possible, and hope for the best. Often, however, dramatic action to adapt is what’s most needed. The loss of a job can be an opportunity to change careers or even lifestyles. The failure of a business is an opportunity to reinvent yourself.  A promotion at your job, or sudden good fortune or change in circumstances, can be a chance to reach for a long-held goal that you’d nearly forgotten.

Are you denying your changing climate? How will you adapt in the future?

Adapting to Your Changing Climate
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