WatzThis? Creates the World’s First Famo.us WordPress Theme

Recently, we spent a week working out of Famo.us Labs in San Francisco. While there, we learned Famo.us, met the team (they are the friendliest startup ever), and Chris started building WPFamous.

WPFamous uses the Famo.us 3D rendering engine to create a smooth, responsive scrolling front page. In the future, we want to recruit help from the WordPress and Famo.us communities to build out the theme into something much more flexible, configurable, and dynamic. There’s a lot of work to be done, but I think you’ll agree that what we have so far is a pretty good start at reinventing what a WordPress site can be.

Chris did a brief demo of his theme at Famo.us Demo Days, where it was met with quite a bit of interest and enthusiasm. Chris’s segment starts at 8:40, but the entire video is well worth watching.