Now that we’re in the 3rd quarter of Year 1 of WatzThis?, we thought we’d give you a progress update and let you know what to expect from us in the coming months.

We recently finished our second book,JavaScript for Kids For Dummies. It will be hitting stores in late August and is available for pre-order now!

Last week, we were invited to the SFHTML5 meetup to talk to over 500 web developers at Google’s San Francisco office. We told them about our books and why we feel so strongly about teaching kids to program, and we gave away a few copies of Coding with JavaScript For Dummies. Here’s a picture from that event.

For the rest of July and August, we’re working on two main projects: an update of one of our online courses, and the Hip Pocket Guide to HTML.

First, the course update: Achieving Top Search Engine Positions teaches students the art and science of search engine optimization (SEO). We focus on the fundamental principles and techniques that web site owners can use to improve their rankings in search engines and thereby increase traffic to their website. The course update is to put in more information about recent changes with how search engines rank sites: specifically related to mobile web sites. We’re also creating numerous new instructional videos to go along with the course text.

Next the Hip Pocket Guide. Back in 1999 or 2000, the Hip Pocket Guide to HTML was a reference book that no web developer could do without. It contained a guide to each HTML element, along with usage examples and helpful tips.

When the book was no longer being published, the rights to it reverted to the original author, our good friend Ed Tittel. Working closely with Ed, we’re updating and revising the Hip Pocket Guide in order to re-release it as an eBook later this year. The book will be a reference to what we refer to as the “basic set” of HTML. It will contain everything you should know or would want to look up about HTML, whether you’re a professional or you’re a casual HTML user.

After we complete the first HTML Hip Pocket Guide, we’ll be working on another book that will be a fully updated and complete guide to HTML5 for professional web developers.

This fall, Chris will be going to Michigan and Chicago and will be competing in a 5km swim near the city of Hell, Michigan. Eva will be travelling to Alaska to explore the great frontier. After our returns, we’re planning to start work on a couple more online courses, we’ll be working on more training videos, and we’ll be talking about our books at numerous events in California and beyond.

The third quarter of the first year of WatzThis? has been exciting and full of growth so far. We’re looking forward to some really interesting and new challenges as we approach and celebrate our 2nd book launch and more successful product launches.

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