Who is WatzThis?

Who is WatzThis? WatzThis? is the creation of Chris Minnick, a published author, trainer, and entrepreneur; and Eva Holland, trainer, writer, songstress, and genius business manager. Official Bios Chris Minnick Chris Minnick is a prolific published author, blogger, trainer, web


Wat Do You Do?

WatzThis? is an educational content development company. We pride ourselves on presenting complex, technical topics in a fun and approachable manner. We offer online training in mobile app development and Search Engine Optimization(SEO), we write books for all ages, create video courses,


How to Contact Us

We don’t have a phone. We don’t have an address. We prefer that you shine the WatzThis? logo into the night sky to summon us. If you don’t yet have the key to the summoning beam, you can use this